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International Conference on Molecular-Scale Charge and Thermal Transport

January 27 - 31, 2020, Engelberg, Switzerland

Charge and thermal transport across nanostructured systems plays a role in countless disciplines, including electronics, green energy, catalysis and biochemical sensors. A symbiosis of theory, synthesis, measurement and device design is required to understand and create novel functional materials with desirable properties for future applications. Recent developments in fabrication, analytical and computational methods make it possible to study how charge carriers interact with molecules and nanostructured materials in greater detail than ever before, enabling studies of quantum effects, spin-dependent transport, light-matter interactions and thermoelectric effects at the smallest length scales. It is thus timely and desirable to strengthen inter-disciplinary interactions between theoreticians, material scientists, chemists and experimental physicists in order to overcome obstacles, clear up novel pathways and push the field forward.

The International Conference on Molecular-scale Charge and Thermal Transport will bring together world leaders in materials and chemical synthesis, in experiments on functional devices and in transport theory. Together with younger scientists, these experts will discuss recent progress, challenges and applications of newly emerging transport phenomena, and stimulate the creation of interdisciplinary collaborations within the molecular devices community.

This workshop is an initiative of the EU Consortium QuIET - Quantum Interference Enhanced Thermoelectricity

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline: December 19, 2019
Payment of the registration fees deadline: December 19, 2019

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